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Frequently asked questions

1) Who are we at ASTI?

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is one of the longest-running, established tertiary institutions in Trinidad. You probably haven’t heard of us before because unlike the larger institutions that caters to every possible degree, certification or accolade, we’ve primarily chosen to focus on technically astute, globally recognized, industry quality education in the field of fiber optics technology, electronics, Certified Alarm and Security, renewable and hybrid technology, as well as mobile and computer based development. We also offer tertiary training for a wide variety of undergraduate programs, from our Award Certificate, Certificates to Diplomas in a variety of technical and vocational fields. Unlike the educational "norm" of merely churning out Certificates of Completion, we here at A.S.T.I. have recognized the importance of a technologically capable, nigh no, technologically talented workforce. At our institution, we ensure that every detail is as close to perfect as we can achieve in our attempt to provide the best possible student experience, preparing you for unique industries and the wider world.

2) When were we founded?

A.S.T.I began from humble upbringings in 2001 with but a handful of students and two lecturers housed in a small room. Since then, we have grown far beyond such roots to where we are currently. Now, with an ever-increasing alumnus of fifteen hundred plus students and over twenty-five expert lecturers in a variety of fields, we intend to grow even larger, as we hope to expand beyond Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean as a whole.

3) Where are we located?

Our current Branch is located at #38 El Socorro Main Road, San Juan. With several recently announced partnerships regionally, you can soon expect several affiliate centers throughout the wider Caribbean. Also expected soon are branches expected in both South and Tobago, as the demand for several new and exciting courses of study, such as our popular hybrid and renewable energy. Very soon, your quality education is but a scenic drive away.

4) What Programs does A.S.T.I. offer?

A better question would probably be “what don’t we offer?”  With over two hundred different available courses, based on several high demands, industry relevant fields, we can easily make that statement. Primarily we have courses and programs that cater specifically for the needs of Telecommunication, Fiber Optics, Electrical and Electronics, progressive, eco-friendly technology, mobile, digital and media, but we have since diversified our programs to facilitate Security Cameras, Administrative, Clerical and Customer Service because even with those cutting edge technical skills, potential employers can still appreciate those soft skills as well.

5) How do I register and enroll at A.S.T.I?

Due to the nature of registration this step is preferably done in person but you can pre-register with us in advance with the online platform HERE

6) What are some of the pre-admission requirements needed?

We here at A.S.T.I. have ensured that we provide each and every eligible person an equal opportunity and have made a variety of entry options available to potential students, depending on your current educational and technical competency level.

  • For the standard academic coming straight from Secondary school, the I deal Candidate MUST possess at least 5 CXC O levels which MUST INCLUDE: Mathematics (CXC Grade 1 or 2), GCE (Grade A OR B) English (CXC Grade 1 or 2), (GCE, Grade A or B or C); at least 1 Science Subject, preferably physics, with CXC General (Grade 1, 2 or 3) or GCE (Grade A, B or C).
  • For those who lack the above requirements, fear not, all is not lost! Whether you might be fresh out from completing Secondary school or contemplating a different career path, then our AWARD Certificate courses act as the appropriate ‘doorway’ for you to go on and ideally pursue a diploma, or any higher tertiary education, once you have successfully completed the appropriate academic pathway.
  • Perhaps it may have been quite some time since you stepped in a classroom and to you we say fret not! If you have been working in the industry for at least 3 years, feel free to apply through the ‘Mature Entry’ route. For more information on admissions, click HERE.

7) Are these programs accredited and recognized and if so, by whom?

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is extremely proud to say that ALL of our programs that we offer, regardless of the academic level, are fully recognized and accredited by one of three Accreditation bodies, one locally based and the other two further out on either side of the Atlantic. Locally, our programs and the wider Institute are academically covered by ACTT, which is the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago. The Educational and Quality (EduQual) is our current representative of international certification. EduQual is recognized by one of the four government-sponsored qualification regulators in the United Kingdom, the SQA Accreditations and many of our Award Certificates, Level 3 Certificates and Advanced Diplomas, are currently accredited through them. Through EduQual, we are also currently accredited through the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF), in the United Kingdom. To read more on EduQual and their affiliate global institutions, click HERE. Finally, there’s the ETA, the Electronic Technicians Association, who has been providing quality training and regulations since being founded in 1978. Since then, they have grown to become the international organization for the training and accreditations of technicians within the Western Hemisphere. They represent not just the electronics industry as a whole, but represents the global level and requirements for our very own technicians.

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