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Application Procedure

Student Admission

Cheers to You Joining the Advanced Solutions Technical Institute Family!!!

Before you apply:

Congratulations, future alumni! Your path towards success through hard work and dedicated studies begins right here. Behind you lies doubt and uncertainty, while ahead lies a whole world of exciting prospects as a student of A.S.T.I. While we here can fully well understand your barely restrained excitement, we do advise that you take a brief moment and have a look at the wide array of courses that we offer here at A.S.T.I.

  You’re probably interested in Digital Networking, or Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Servicing. IP Camera Installation and Maintenance, perhaps? Something a bit less complex such as Mobile Phone Repairs or an Administrative Course, instead. You might find the telecommunications field quite enticing, so a Certificate in Network Systems Maintenance or Fibre Optics Installation for Plants appeals to you. Whatever you choose, it all begins here, dear student, with your application. Your journey begins by clicking BEGIN APPLICATION at the top of the page. Carefully read and fill out all the required fields to ensure that your pre-registration is secure.

Application process:

To make the enrolment process at A.S.T.I. as seamless as possible, kindly follow the following steps:

  • Ensure that you have BOTH originals and copies of:
    • Two (2) forms of Identification.
    • Relevant Academic Qualifications.
  • Two (2) updated relevant Letters of Recommendation (For Mature students with three (3) years related work experience).
  • After successfully pre-registering with us, contact us as a cursory follow-up procedure. As our capable administrative staff is still growing, please note that it might take a while to process all registered students.
  • Next, schedule an Academic Advisement Session with any of our well-informed Student Admissions Counsellors, who will gladly discuss with you to discuss your best course pathway.
  • After successfully settling into your exciting educational course, kindly ensure that you complete the full registration process at the school. NOTE completion of the registration process can commence after your academic advisement.
  • A student contract will then be developed, which shall cover your legal policy and payment option as an enrolled student. For any additional information, click on FINANCIAL AID.
  • You’re almost there, student! After your registration, simply await confirmation via phone or email for your first-class/orientation, approximately within a week of the commencement date. Keep in mind, however, that certain niche courses take longer to fill than others. Our administrative staff will regularly keep in touch with you and update you accordingly.

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