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Career Opportunities

You might ask yourself, “After I complete an A.S.T.I program where do I go from there?”, “What positions can I acquire with the qualifications that I earned?” or "What will my salary look like in the international field?"

The field of technology is often at the forefront of innovation, which can improve the lives of the general public. Professionals who specialize in tech may design, maintain or use important systems and software on a daily basis. If you enjoy working with computers, gadgets, and other types of technological tools, a job in this industry might be right for you.

Here are 32 technology careers that may interest you. The prices are the most up-to-date international salary information in various fields.

  • Help desk analyst: USD $49,277 per year
  • Social media manager: USD $56,644 per year
  • Senior web programmer: USD $69,879 per year
  • Operations analyst: USD $70,148 per year
  • Performance analyst: USD $74,688 per year
  • Application programmer: USD $75,004 per year
  • Video game designer: USD $75,590 per year
  • Systems administrator: USD $76,224 per year
  • System programmer: USD $77,870 per year
  • Project manager: USD $80,461 per year
  • Business intelligence analyst: USD $81,395 per year
  • Quality assurance engineer: USD $82,911 per year 
  • Technology consultant: USD $87,518 per year
  • IT manager: USD $90,347 per year
  • VoIP engineer: USD $93,715 per year
  • IT executive: USD $95,873 per year
  • User experience designer: USD $98,680 per year
  • Data modeler: USD $99,325 per year
  • Full stack developer: USD $100,130 per year
  • Product manager: USD $101,732 per year
  • Product marketing manager: USD $102,086 per year
  • Front-end developer: USD $102,529 per year
  • Systems engineer: USD $102,929 per year
  • Chief information officer: USD $105,283 per year
  • Security engineer: USD $108,224 per year
  • 3D graphics developer: USD $112,556 per year
  • Back-end developer: USD $116,095 per year
  • Fibre Engineer: USD $97, 000 per year
  • Mobile developer: USD $123,150 per year
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technician: USD $132, 707 per year
  • Data scientist: USD $141,577 per year
  • Quantitative analyst: USD $144,730 per year
  • And so much more.

Here are 21 business careers that may interest you. The prices are the most up-to-date international salary information in various fields.

  • 1. Client services manager: USD $55,222 per year

  • 2. Sales representative: USD $59,594 per year

  • 3. Project manager: USD $76,404

  • 4. Office manager: USD $42,187 per year

  • 5. Human resource manager: USD $69,206

  • 6. Business manager: USD $63,999

  • 7. Community manager: USD $47,173 per year

  • 8. Staff accountant: USD $51,109 per year
  • 9. Marketing manager: USD $61,136 per year 

  • 10. Logistics manager: USD $61,227 per year

  • 11. Account executive: USD $65,773 per year

  • 12. Data analyst: USD $67,300 per year

  • 13. Business consultant: USD $71,581 per year

  • 14. Management analyst: USD $77,523 per year

  • 15. Development director: USD $83,017 per year

  • 16. Director of operations: USD $94,692 per year

After completing your education at ASTI you can be your own boss, and you will be equipped to open your own business and become a contractor in whatever field of study. A.S.T.I is linked with a number of companies that use our student database as a pool for new employees. Students who have successfully completed programs have the opportunity to acquire employment at the following organizations:

  • Telecommunications Service of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
  • Corporate Dynamics
  • Columbus Communication (FLOW)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
  • Digicel Trinidad and Tobago
  • Hybrid Electrical Companies
  • And so much more. 

Internship Support

At A.S.T.I, We take our students’ future employment seriously and are committed to helping you build rewarding careers. Here, students can expect to develop skills relevant to their future professions. We design and update our courses so that they are directly relevant to the current employment market. We help students find internships, work experience, and voluntary opportunities across a wide variety of organizations.

An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands-on work experience in a certain occupational field. Most internships are temporary assignments that last approximately three months to a year at the employer's discretion.

Each year, ASTI students take advantage of internships to explore careers, gain professional experience, and earn academic credit. Internships give you an opportunity to:

  • Find out what it is like to work in a specific field.
  • Gain academic credit. Students must work with a faculty sponsor and register in advance to receive academic credit. Check with your department for details.
  • Strengthen your resume. Related experience is often necessary before an employer/graduate program will consider your application.
  • Jump-start your full-time job search. Employers often hire their interns for full-time employment after graduation.
  • Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force

For more information on Internships and other voluntary employment opportunities contact us at T'

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