Frequently asked questions

a) Who is ASTI?

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is one of the longer running schools. You probably haven’t heard of us before because unlike the larger ones that cater for every degree, certification or accolade possible we focus on quality education in the field of technology. We provide training at a variety of levels from certificate to diploma in a variety of technical and vocational fields because unlike the norm we recognize the importance of a technological capable…no technologically talented workforce. At our institution we ensure that every detail is perfect as we attempt to provide the best possible student experience as we prepare you for the industry and the world.

b) When were you founded?

A.S.T.I has started from humble upbringings in 2001. With but a handful of students and 2 lecturers in a small room we have carved our way to where we are. Now with an alumni of 1500+ students and over 25 expert lecturers in a variety of fields we intend to grow even larger as we take on Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean as a whole.

c) Where are we located?

Our current Branch is located at #38 El Socorro Main Road, San-Juan. For a better view try here [Hyperlink to google map] But with affiliate centres throughout the Caribbean. But we have centres across the Caribbean and with intentions to come south eventually especially with our popular hybrid and renewable energy courses we can say a quality education is but a drive away.

d) What Programs do we offer?

A better question is what don’t we offer? With more than 200+ qualifications we can make that statement. Of course we cater specifically for the needs of Trinidad and our core courses are focussed on Telecommunication, Fibre Optics and Electronics originally but now we have diversified covering Security, Renewable Energy, Automotive and Customer Service even because even with these cutting edge technical skills we can appreciate soft skills too.

e) How do I Register?

Due to the nature of registration this step needs to be done in person but you can pre register in advance with the online platform HERE

f) Are you GATE Funded?

We are! ASTI is one of the few esteemed organizations whose courses have been vetted and approved by the ministry of education. The government has recognized the importance of our plethora of training and made GATE funding available for those who wish to pursue our programs but even if you can’t access GATE funding our courses are affordable, especially with the variety of financial options. For more information on the finance aspect see HERE

g) What are the admission requirements?

ASTI has ensured we give every person an equal opportunity and has made a variety of entry options available depending on what you wish to gain from us.
  • For the standard academic coming out of secondary school. Ideal Candidates possess 5 CXC O’levels, MUST INCLUDE: Mathematics (CXC Grade 1 or 2), GCE (Grade A OR B) English (CXC Grade 1 or 2), (GCE, Grade A or B or C) 1 Science Subject (PREFERABLY PHYSICS) CXC GENERAL- (Grade 1,2 or 3) or GCE (Grade A,B or C).
  • For those who lack the above requirement i.e have on completed secondary school our certificate courses which lay a foundation for you to pursue diploma and higher tertiary education is an ideal option.
  • For those who are above the age of 21 or have been working in the industry for at least 3 years. You can apply through the mature entry route For more information on admission click HERE.

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