Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We fully understand the difficulty of getting a quality education at an affordable price. With dozens of small schools popping everywhere with the cheapest prices you look you need to be sure that the school you choose has your best interest in mind and your wallets best interest in mind. Obviously a good education isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to break your wallet. Especially for those coming from industry and have had a fairly structured financial scheme throwing in course fees can be dissuading. A.S.T.I attempts to cater to our students needs and has made a variety of financial options available.

Before we continue with the financial schemes thou bear in mind the following: “In Trinidad just like with equipment and services you get what you pay for and thus its not just about the cheapest experience but a balance between cost and quality. At ASTI we try to bring a quality education at a competitive price”.

Lump sum

For the person who has decided to forego the paperwork, you can opt to cover the entire course cost in one lump sum. Advisable where possible but we understand the difficulties associated with it. For the more conservative individual they can opt for.

Payment Plans

In an attempt to make it easier we have a monthly payment plan for our certificate and diploma programs. Students are advised to make their first payment AT REGISTRATION and then each following payment coinciding with the month of their programmes delivery. Note this option has a debarment feature – students who fail to meet their financial criteria (i.e missed payments) will have academic penalties levied against them.

GATE (Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses Program)

For the past few decades the government has taken pride in its standard education path however due to a growing concern of lacking labour force skill sets there has been a substantial change in the GATE process. A more holistic approach has been taken as they broaden their coverage and ASTI despite its industrial orientation has attained gate approval for its courses as a private institution see HERE.

Bursaries / Grants / Loans

Aside from the usual GATE procedure numerous other organisations offer education grants with contracted labour after the designated period:

Example – You may apply to a specific company under the premise of being a solar technician. (After you have passed their interview or vetting process) Under a specific contract – You attend ASTI for the Photovoltaic (solar) installation course/diploma while you work with them. The company covers the course and you are paid a stipend but are required to work for the company. After you complete the course under the contract you would be required to work for them for a set amount of years, similar to a gate contract. The private banking sector also has a variety of options for students looking to further their tertiary education and training. One popular example is the H.E.L.P program through Republic Bank. For more information click HERE


ASTI students that have achieved a certain level of academic excellence will be granted a full or partial scholarship (depending on their performance etc.) for a diploma or supporting certificate course in line with their original certificate that thy have shown capability in.

Military Matriculation

Due to our work in the telecommunication and electronics field especially with more niche equipment we have worked hand in hand with the brave men and women who serve in the military (local and international). In appreciate of their service and in co-action with the militaries various arms, they can enroll in our courses through a variety of financial programs. ASTI recognises the sacrifices these men and women have made and wishes to continue supporting them in their endeavours.

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