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You are about to take the first step to advanced studies.In order to secure your admission to the respective dates your pre-registration must be completed and a follow up qualifation check has to be done. You can use our online form here to begin the process.


Thank you Nicholas, you application information was sent, this will be processed and you will be contacted soon to complete your registration.

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to your future. A decision to pursue tertiary education. The next step is registration. In order to register you must first meet all the requirements before you can register.

Late Registration

Late registration comes into effect on the first day of class of each Course. Students are required to pay an additional three hundred dollar (TT$300.00) fee when registering during the late registration period.

Withdrawal from a Course

A student may withdraw from any course without academic penalty provided that this is done by the withdrawal deadline indicated in the academic calendar(applicable to Diploma programmes or higher). In order to withdraw from a course, a student must complete the Course Withdrawal Form, seek the approval of the department chair and submit the signed form to the Office of the Registrar, by the deadline date. Students who withdraw from a course by the stipulated deadline date will receive a grade of ‘W.’ ‘W’ grades have no impact on Grade Point Average (GPA).

Withdrawals from the Institution

In order to officially withdraw from the Institution, a student must complete ASTI’s Withdrawal Form and return his/her ID card to the Office of the Registrar.Students who withdraw from a programme are normally entitled to apply for re-admission and must submit an application to the Admissions Office.

Leave of Absence

Students may apply for leave of absence from a programme for medical, personal or financial reasons using the Leave of Absence form. Leave of Absence forms must be approved by the relevant department chair and submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the semester in which the student intends to be on leave.

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