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Wireless Technology Specialist

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Department of Telecommunications Network & Electronics Engineering

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Course Level: Certificate

Duration: 12 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Mature Entry (21years) with 3 years related work experience / 5 CXC certificates (Math and English mandatory) / certifications relevant to subject matter

Course Description

The 21st Century has brought about many changes, one of which is the demand to possess the ability to transmit more information over longer distances, more quickly. This has expanded the boundaries of our technological development in many areas such as data networks, wireless and satellite communications, cable operators, and broadcasters.

Without any doubt, the wireless network is an extraordinary technology that has entirely changes the means of communication. In fact, it becomes the major option of any business because of its salient features such as Networking Projects, speed, mobility, and Wi-Fi. For instance, Wireless Network Projects give a massive profit to several enterprises such as energy, process improvements, and energy.

Course Outline

  •  Introducing Wireless Networking 
  •  Wireless Network Logical Architecture 
  •  Wireless Network Physical Architecture 
  •  Radio Communication Basics 
  • Infrared Communication Basics 
  • LAN Standards 
  •  Implementing Wireless LANs 
  •  Wireless LAN Security
  •  Wireless LAN Troubleshooting 
  •  Wireless PAN Standards 
  •  Implementing Wireless PANs 
  •  Wireless MAN Standards 
  •  Implementing Wireless MANs 
  • Leading Edge Wireless Networking Technologies
  • Further Sources of Information

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