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Digital Networking

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Department of Telecommunications Network & Electronics Engineering

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Course Level: Certificate Programme

Duration: 9 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Mature Entry (21years) with 3 years related work experience / 5 CXC certificates (Math and English mandatory) / certifications relevant to subject matter

Certificate in Digital Networking

A computer by itself is a powerful device but through the power of networking it becomes so much more. The telecommunication architecture present has allowed us to link countless computer to the internet, from intranets and servers for small and large businesses to the very information highway responsible for the modern era. The individuals responsible for maintenance of such systems are Network Computer Technicians who require a broad knowledge base of the fundamentals of digital networking. Advance Solutions Technical Institute has distinguished itself in the Electronics and Telecommunication industry for over a decade, with graduates performing in not just the local but international industry striving to pull this nation towards development through technology.

Students may enroll with no prerequisite knowledge as this course will give a fundamental understanding of basic networking setting the stage for broad common networking OS, Command line use, installation and system management hardware configurations, safety and preventative systems and more. This certificate serves as a base level for the network computer technician field covering fundamental skillsets and broad topics under the core discipline of digital networking serving as a basis for students to specialize in computing, architecture, networking or various arms of networking.


After completing this base level certification students will be capable of designing/installing and troubleshooting fundamental network and cable systems as well as approach and understand newer architectures that are being introduced internationally.

  • Graduates can pursue employment as:
    • Support Technician
    • Network Support Technician
    • EMS Installation Technician
    • Network Administrators
    • IT Network Technician
    • Field Service Technicians
    • Vendor specific Network Technicians……. And much more
    • In local companies such as Century Link, Halliburton, Flow Trinidad, BLU Networks Consultancy, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad etc.

Post Certification

After pursuing the base level certification students may broaden this certification by attaining accompanying skills or niche certification specific for Trinidad such as

  • Certificates in:
    • Fibre Optics Installation
    • Fibre Optics Installation for Outside Plant
    • Aerospace Fibre Optics fabricator (FAB)
    • IP Camera Installation and Maintenance
    • IT management
    • IT consultant
    • Database Administration
    • Wireless Network Expert

Students may also wish to dive deeper into specific fields and eventually become specialist in specific fields with the following:

  • Diplomas in:
    • CCTV design and application
    • Network Security Implementation and Maintenance
    • Industrial Technology Services
    • Telecommunication and Electronics

Lastly Students may wish to round of their qualification by pursuing a high level degree by levying their previous qualifications either at A.S.T.I or any other institution (based on our certificates and diplomas holding credit weighting.). Possible fields include

    • BSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • BSc. Industrial Engineering
    • BSc. Management (to move from technical the technical field to a more cozy position as a manager or more)

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