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Introduction to GPS Technologies

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Department of Security Management

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Course Level: Introduction to GPS Technologies

Course Level: Introductory Program

Duration: 9 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Entry

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Security management is ideal in helping security professionals advance to management positions by guiding them on the technical skills & knowledge to effectively manage a team and protect the assets of a business. 

Security managers should be perceptive, with excellent attention to detail and analytical skills to identify different types of threats. Similar to security guards, security managers are responsible for understanding the unique dynamics of the security needs of the respective business they work for and ensuring the safety of the people and property of that business.


Security Managers direct an organization’s security functions, including physical security and safety of employees, facilities, and assets. They also create or implement security standards, policies, and procedures. Other tasks include: Identify, investigate, or resolve security breaches. Respond to medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, or intrusion alarms, following emergency response procedures. Monitor and ensure a sound, ethical environment. Plan, direct, or coordinate security activities to safeguard company assets, employees, guests, or others on company property. Develop, implement, manage, or evaluate policies and methods to protect personnel against harassment, threats, or violence. Develop, conduct, support, or assist in governmental reviews, internal corporate evaluations, or assessments of the overall effectiveness of facility and personnel security processes etc.

Programme Duration:

Advanced Certificate 12 Months / 1 Year (REMOVE) ; Diploma: 6 Months  ;  Advanced Diploma 6 Months or 1 Year

Mode of Study: Home Based Study / Online Learning Sessions



A high school diploma or an associate degree (or global equivalent), Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate degree, or the global equivalent).

Other Requirements:

Generally, professional security officers are required to be at least 18 years old and have a clean criminal record. Some security firms have little to no minimum educational requirements and provide on-the-job training tailored to the position. However, most countries are now requiring security officers complete formal certification or formal training. Security officers must possess both excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Training Delivery:

The course duration will comprise 60 hours or 80 hours of self-study home based or lecture based delivery. The 60 hours or 80 hours will be delivered in 5 sessions online distance learning based on given course materials.

Students are required to complete the following tasks:

  • Effective Security Officers Management Test MCQ Questions answer practicing
  • Effective Security Officers Management Test Board Questions/TMA (Tutor Mark Assignment)
  • Effective Security Officers Management Case Studies
  • Exercises and projects

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