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CCTV Training and Installation

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Department of Security Management

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Course Level: CCTV Training and Installation

Course Level: Certificate

Duration: 12 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Mature Entry (21years) with 3 years related work experience / 5 CXC certificates (Math and English mandatory) / certifications relevant to subject matter


With the security concerns locally, regionally, and globally the industry of CCTV camera installation and IP camera installation has grown dramatically, especially over the past few years. For many, it seems like a monumental task to enter such a niche industry but the technologies have become commonplace especially locally as an attempt to address the rising crime problem. The need for competent technicians is becoming paramount as advances in the technologies (with more complex systems, wired and wireless as well as cloud-based. This Programme provides a brief introduction with core concepts and fundamental theory to gently introduce those with no experience to the field of CCTV and IP cameras. Graduates can then pursue more advanced certification in CCTV installation and even further studies to enter the field of engineering after having gained mastery of the technical field.




 1.0     Fundamentals of CCTV and IP cameras

1.      Discuss the historical concepts of CCTV cameras and their progression (driving factors for their advancement)

2.      Discuss the hardware basics of CCTV systems (core focus on cameras and lens)

3.      Discuss the various mounting equipment used (and justification for each type )

4.      Discuss the various types of recorders and equipment used (audio, video, analog, digital)

5.      Discuss electrical and electronic aspects of CCTV cameras including but not limited to:

6.      Discuss the software aspects related to CCTVs (including vendor-specific aspects for the local and regional industry)

7.       Discuss computer networking with CCTV camera systems as well as fundamentals of transmission (signal transmission, interference, security, etc.)


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