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Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

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Department of Project Management

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Course Level: Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

Course Level: Advanced Diploma

Duration: 3 Semesters

Pre Requisites: Mature Entry (21years) with 3 years related work experience / 5 CXC certificates (Math and English mandatory) / certifications relevant to subject matter

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A project either small, medium or large type of project requires a trained and professional Project Manager/expert or Project Management Professional individual to have a variety of skills to be successful. In addition to keen organizational skills, project managers should also be effective problem solvers, have above-average math skills and be clear communicators. For those who enjoy varied responsibilities, project management career may be a good match.

Knowing how to successfully manage a project from start to finish can be the difference between success and failure. It is an increasingly in-demand skill and studying it can boost a career in any industry. Project managers are always in demand: No matter what the industry, qualified professionals are always needed to plan and provision the work. Of course, that’s just the high- level view of project management, which can be a complex and rewarding career.

Program Duration:
6 Months or 1 Year
Mode of Study: Home Based Study / Online Learning Sessions

A high school diploma or an associate degree (or global equivalent), Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate degree, or the global equivalent).
    Other Requirements:
    No special requirements or prerequisites are needed to take this course, but some extra reading about projects, project management, project life cycle, organizational project management, project scope, project schedule, project costs, project quality, project human resources and project communications will help.

    Training Delivery:
    The course duration will comprise 45 hours or 60 hours of self-study home based.

    Students are required to complete the following  tasks:
    • Project Management Certification Test MCQ Questions answer practicing
    • Project Management Certification Test Board Questions / TMA (Tutor Mark Assignment)
    • Project Management Certification Case Studies Exercises and Projects

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