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Introduction to Telecommunications Electronics Technician

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Department of Fibre Optics And Wireless Technologies Engineering

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Course Level: Introductory Program

Duration: 9 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Entry

Course Description

The Caribbean telecommunication infrastructure is one of the most mature in the industry forming the basis of all our industries whether manufacturing, services, etc. The field is diverse spanning a variety of segments from the physical layer and technician work to the advanced engineering theory for the creation of “real” 5G and the utensils to harness it. Despite the diversity and maturity of the field, the local telecommunication infrastructure is relatively stagnant and progress is made in batches rather than continuously as such the Caribbean has one of the highest costs per person for Wi-Fi, data, or more simply put calls and text. It will require a massive overhaul requiring a capable workforce with knowledge of telecommunication technologies.

This award attempts to provide an appropriate introduction to the telecommunication field. The award can prove useful to anyone looking to enter or advance through certification in the field of telecommunication. Graduates can then pursue more advanced certification certificates, diploma levels, and even further studies in telecommunication engineering.

 Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of Telecommunication
  • Discuss and apply core mathematics used in the telecommunication field
  • Discuss and apply core electrical circuit theory used in the telecommunication field
  • Discuss computer-enabled technologies
  • Discuss Data centers and IP branch Exchanger
  • Discuss competition, Industry Structure, and regulators
  • Discuss Wide Area networks and the internet
  • Discuss Broadband and Wide Area Network Services
  • Discuss the Mobile Network and Mobile network carriers
  • Technician Theory and Skills

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