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Introduction to Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC)

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Department of Fibre Optics And Wireless Technologies Engineering

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Course Level: Introductory Program

Duration: 9 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Entry

Course Description

The field of data cabling and networking is vast with subspecialties occupying whole professions, such as computer networking. In reality thou all it boils down to is the communication between devices. How does it communicate? By some protocol either wired or wireless. That protocol is the subject of countless certifications, degrees, and even this award. This award will focus on not just networking but cabling (the physical layer of the network) a common discipline within the local industry. Within the mature telecommunication industry, there is a need for Data cable installers, network technicians, etc. to maintain and improve the current infrastructure. The award can prove useful to anyone looking to specialize or advance in the field of telecommunication or computer networking. Graduates can then pursue more advanced certification in networking or telecommunication at the certificate, diploma level, and even further studies in telecommunication engineering.

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of Data Networks
  • Discuss Base Theory for Cabling and Networking
  • Basics of cables
  • Discuss basic Network Equipment
  • Discuss basic Wireless Networks
  • Discuss basics of fiber optics 
  • Technician Theory
  • Case Review installations

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