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Mobile Phone Repairs And Maintenance

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Department of Electrical And Electronic Department

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Course Level: Certificate Programme

Duration: 9 Weeks

Pre Requisites: Mature Entry (21years) with 3 years related work experience / 5 CXC certificates (Math and English mandatory) / certifications relevant to subject matter

Certificate in Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance

For one of the most powerful devices that interconnect people from across the planet you need to go no further than your pocket (or bag if your one of those people). The mobile phone is a staple of modern life and we spend our lives glued to it with good reason but if you drop it as we are sure you have, the screen goes black never to come on again, or the worse the slow leakage of the LCD over the next few hours eventually rendering the screen useless. What about OS issues, battery issues or just overall performance issues? For that we turn to a Mobile Repairman or Mobile Technician.

This Base certification has no pre-requisites, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of cellular devices the various types and brands, mobile phone structure, disassembly and reassembly methods, jumpering tools, peripherals devices, sim card and mobile elements, specific electronic components –cell capacitors, transistors, transformers, CPU sections, aspects of roaming, IC’s, Software and Auto-shut off solutions, networking and troubleshooting.

A.S.T.I has been a distinguished leader in telecommunications training for over a decade with graduates in the local and international industry. Either work in a team, company, start your own or just cut out the middle man, if you’re interested in breaking into this field this certificate is right for you.


Graduates will be capable of the repair and maintenance of generic mobile phones and have the requisite knowledge to approach vendor specific phones that have their own proprietary service-men/training.

    • Mobile Phone Technician
    • Mobile Phone Repairman
    • IPhone technician (trainee level)
    • IPhone Repairman (trainee level) ……. And much more
    • In local companies such as Cell King International Training, uBreakiFix, IRepair or in most cases start their own/ Expand their own business etc.

Post Certification

After pursuing the base level certification and possibly and its accompanying commercial certification students may go on to pursue further qualifications with the following to broaden their skill set:

  • Certificates in:
    • Computer Service and Repair
    • Electrical and Electronic Systems
    • Communication Cabling and Networking
    • Fibre Optic Installer
    • IP Camera Installation And Maintenance

Students may also wish to dive deeper into specific fields and eventually become specialist in specific fields with the following:

  • Diplomas in:
    • CCTV design and application
    • Network Security Implementation and Maintenance
    • Electrical and Electronic Systems
    • Industrial Technology Services
    • Telecommunication and Electronics

Lastly Students may wish to round of their qualification by pursuing a high level degree by levying their previous qualifications either at A.S.T.I or any other institution (based on our certificates and diplomas holding credit weighting.).

  • Possible fields include:
    • BSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • BSc. Industrial Engineering
    • BSc. Management (to move from technical the technical field to a more cozy position as a manager or more)

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